Worldly pancakes baked on the Multipan at Bloem Ede after a walk or bike ride on the Ginkel Heath

April 2021

Pancake restaurants, you might think there are enough of them in Ede and the surrounding area. But the owners of Bloem on the Verlengde Arnhemseweg want to do things differently. More cosmopolitan''.

No red and white chequered carpets and nostalgic straw pots on the table when Bloem is allowed to open. We find that a bit corny'', says Max Verkleij. 

Pancakes 2.0

In addition to the traditional Dutch version and a number of meat, fish and veg dishes, visitors to the restaurant will be able to order 'pancakes 2.0'; worldly pancakes with international appeal. These pancakes are baked on the Multipan, supplied by Veenhuizen. Veenhuizen also supplied, assembled and installed a large part of the catering equipment (including rinsing kitchen, workbenches, complete Gelo lab ice cream concept).

Pancakes that will be served include "the Japanese Okonomiyaki based on potato, fish broth and ginger", says Jos van Essen who will soon be running the kitchen. But also French crepes and a Greek variant with honey and yoghurt are on the menu. 

American kitchen

American cuisine is also on the menu at Bloem. At the weekend they already bake American pancakes to go for hungry walkers and cyclists. The location is perfect, opposite the sheepfold''. Sports enthusiasts often start their trip across the Veluwe and the Ginkelse heath here.

It seems an unfortunate moment to start a restaurant, now that the restaurant is not allowed to open due to the corona measures. But this idea has been around for about one and a half years,'' Van Essen explains. We got the key on 1 February and we started to renovate. 

At first, the building housed a barbeque restaurant called Gonzales. Verkleij: ,,We removed the low ceiling and the extractor hoods. The result is a much more open space. We want to decorate it like a luxury grand café, with beautiful furniture in natural colours. There will be a play area for children in the corner and a cosy reading table at the front.

Coffee and cake, lunch and a bicycle pump

Passers-by and guests of the neighbouring campsite can visit the restaurant from 10.00 to 22.00, says Van Essen, "Also for coffee and cake and lunch. For people with a flat tyre we have a bicycle pump. We want to offer a place where everybody feels at home.