"For me, Veenhuizen is a friendly company with nice colleagues...

August 2021

How did you end up at Veenhuizen? I joined Veenhuizen in May 2020, when Veenhuizen took over the Cold Drink Operations Field Service department of Coca-Cola European Partners Nederland BV. I started working at Veenhuizen together with almost 40 technical colleagues.

What is your job within Veenhuizen? I am a service engineer in the Utrecht region and recently I also started taking photos for the Veenhuizen website and social media.                                                               

What do you do in a day? I fix faults on Coca Cola machines, refrigerators and post-mix installations. I also try to make it as pleasant as possible for my customers.

What skills do you need for this? You need to have technical skills and of course be socially-minded, which certainly helps with good customer contact.

What do you like most about your job? Working with people, or in other words the contact with the customer, is what I like best about my job. If the customer is satisfied after my work, then so am I!

What is a challenge you have in your work? I have to tell you honestly that I don't have any challenges anymore, after all these years. I try to do my job as well as I can. Although.... I did get a new challenge: photographing projects, work and colleagues for the Veenhuizen website and social media, among other things.

What project have you worked on that you are proud of? In 2005, I stood by in the Galgenwaard stadium during the Under-20 World Cup where I saw a very young Lionel Messi (18 years old) play football for the first time. Furthermore, I have had to work in the Arena several times, for example with the Toppers, George Michael and Sensation, which are also great experiences!

How would you like to develop yourself further? In addition to my technical work, I would like to do more photo jobs within Veenhuizen, since that is my greatest passion.

Thanks for your story Robbert, would you like to complete the sentences below?

Veenhuizen is for me ... A pleasant company with nice colleagues!

You can always wake me up for: Well, I just wouldn't do it then we'll keep it sociable 🙂

In ten years time, Veenhuizen will still be my employer.

My hobby is: Photography! I have been taking pictures professionally for about 10 years. What I do is portrait photos, family photos and wedding reports. I also like to photograph at parties, get-togethers and celebrations so I hope to be able to do that again soon. My company is called "Clickflits Photography", feel free to check out my website www.clickflits.nl or else on FB or Instagram.

Furthermore, I try to enjoy life as much as possible by eating out regularly, going to a terrace and going on holiday.