Quick pancakes with MultiPan

As a pancake restaurant, you have to deal with peak and off-peak times on a daily basis. If your tables are suddenly filled in no time at all, the kitchen has to bake a lot of pancakes very quickly. Top quality, of course. The MultiPan pancake carousel is ideal. Depending on the baking tray (6, 8 or 10), it allows you to bake from 140 double-sided pancakes per hour. Is that fast or not? The MultiPan is easy to operate and delivers a perfect baking result with continuous high quality.

The best kitchen equipment for pancake houses

Below we have already pictured a small selection of our equipment for pancake houses. Would you like more information about us or our kitchen equipment? Then please leave us your details. We will contact you as soon as possible. Would you like to speak to an advisor directly? Then call 0342-472410.