Fresh from the oven daily

In retail, day fresh is the magic word. The more fresh, the tastier the products. As a professional, you know that using the right ovens is of great importance here. An in-store oven of the top brand MIWE - Veenhuizen is its exclusive partner - is such a right oven. Every oven in the extensive MIWE range excels with excellent baking quality, fast operation and simple operation. MIWE ovens can be cleaned in no time and are suitable for any location.

The best bakery equipment for the retail bakery

Our passion for the baking profession is great. This is reflected in our wide range of the best, smartest and most energy-efficient equipment for the retail bakery. Want more information about us or our bakery equipment? Then leave us your details. We will contact you as soon as possible. Would you like to speak to an advisor directly? Then call 0342-472410.