Effective maintenance, outstanding service

With a maintenance contract, we will be there for you 24/7. So should your equipment, such as a soft drinks machine, break down after installation - there is no need to worry.

Service technicians for maximum peace of mind

We do this with a team of specialised service technicians that we are particularly proud of. Continuous attention to training and education ensure highly trained and skilled technicians.
For years, Veenhuizen has been a reliable and flexible partner who continuously ensures that our products are available in chilled condition - always and everywhere. In 2020, we confidently placed our service activities with them.
Rein de Jong, Director SC NL Coca-Cola European Partners
Our 24/7 service team stands for quality and reliability. With our skilled and motivated technicians, we offer the service our customers count on. We are partners when things are going well for them and also when they are having a hard time!
Paul Visser, operations manager