You want a perfect total solution for preparing fresh ice cream in a limited space? Then choose the GeloLab concept and ensure plenty of experience in your ice cream parlor because with the ShowLab, the ice cream is prepared in full view of the guests.

The GeloLab concept works with traditional round Italian ice cream trays. In the preparation section of the machines (minimum 1, maximum 6) in the trays, the ice cream is made. You then place the trays over in the matching display case and make the next ice cream flavor. The concept can be filled entirely according to your wishes in terms of composition and execution. Naturally, Veenhuizen provides full guidance from the start of the concept up to and including maintenance. If desired, we provide the recipes and train your employees. We always spend a day with you when the concept is put into operation.  

The MIWE Econo is the bake-off oven for bakers who want the same high baking results every time! This oven is ideal for all bake-off products but also for puff pastry and pastry specialties, for example. The MIWE Econo is an electrically heated hot air oven for every capacity requirement: for 4, 6, 8 or 10 60 x 40 cm baking trays as well as a 1 or 2 circuit system. Naturally, this MIWE oven is of high quality and operation is very easy.

The MIWE Econo is also available in combination with the deck oven MIWE Condo. With the MIWE backcombi, you choose the best of both worlds of baking. Thanks to the smooth surface of the durable stainless steel housing, door and inner chamber and rounded corners, cleaning is extremely easy and done in no time at all.

The MIWE Gusto electric heated hot air oven guarantees excellent baking results and is ideal for all kinds of pre-baked products and various snacks. As standard, the MIWE Gusto can accommodate up to 3 baking trays measuring 44.5 x 35 cm. If you want even more food service with special snack functionality, choose the MIWE Gusto:snack.

With the fixed program control MIWE FP, you can store as many as 100 different baking programs with up to 5 baking phases. The 12 most frequently used programs can be assigned shortcut keys and start at the touch of a button. A picture of the baking product ensures that each user presses the right buttons. You can also easily import or upload the baking programs via the front USB port.

The MIWE Gusto hot air oven is equipped with LED lighting. This saves on your energy costs and ensures even, bright and pleasant light right to the furthest corner. 

Because the MIWE Gusto can be connected to a 230-volt outlet, you can easily use the oven anywhere. This robust hot air oven has its own water tank for steam generation and an integrated, space-saving and patented water tank with a capacity of almost 5 liters. The water tank is accessible from the front.

The MIWE Gusto electric heated convection oven is easy and quick to clean thanks to its durable stainless steel housing and because the door and inner chamber have a smooth surface as well as rounded corners. Optionally available is the automatic cleaning system MIWE easy clean with integrated detergent tank.