• Veenhuizen ensures outdoor food safety
    for all people in the Netherlands
    and beyond (Europe)

Small, bigger, great(est)

In 1984, the family business Veenhuizen Koeltechniek was founded. With a small group of employees, we found solutions for local entrepreneurs with cooling, freezing, and heating problems. This interest and expertise also appeared to be in the genes of Patrick, who took over the company in 2008.

To this day, the Veenhuizen Group (as the company has been called since 2020) makes the lives of food entrepreneurs easier and more successful. Under Patrick's leadership, Veenhuizen has grown into a company with more than 100 employees who - divided over five divisions - are active throughout the Netherlands. The mechanics work with more than 80,000 different devices on an annual basis and always manage to optimally combine customer satisfaction with efficiency.


Veenhuizen provides outdoor food safety for all people in the Netherlands and beyond (Europe).


Veenhuizen relieves (food-related) entrepreneurs in the field of heating and cooling technology. Our friendly and broadly trained technicians maintain and repair equipment. They inform entrepreneurs about the current status of their equipment and the most modern techniques. They repair or replace only what is really necessary. With Veenhuizen, equipment remains in top condition, business operations are rock solid and you always know where you stand.
Sober, friendly and motivated people make Veenhuizen special. The people make the difference here and we like to keep it that way! 'Just act normal and you'll be fine', is what I sometimes hear here. That Veluwe down-to-earthness is wonderful!
Bas Holshuijsen, Managing Director