Our solar panels provide the company with virtually all of its energy!

Generated electricity:
TotalCO2 Reduction143502Kg
Equal to trees7277trees

This is how Veenhuizen makes sustainability concrete

Actively making the world around us just a little bit better than how we got it from previous generations. That, in a nutshell, is our motivation in sustainable business. According to us, sustainability is mainly a matter of doing. At Veenhuizen we put sustainability into practice in three areas.

People & society

We strive to be a company with curious and inquisitive people who continuously want to advance, both personally and socially. Every year we invest in our knowledge, skills and behavior. But we also invest heavily in the daily job satisfaction of our people. We are an open and transparent company and also look outside the walls of our company. A good example of this is our Iceman foundation with owner Patrick Veenhuizen as its driving force. This foundation aims to give seriously ill and disabled children an unforgettable day.
And every year it succeeds exceptionally well. Just take a look at their website!

Saving the environment

By 2021, we have made our premises completely climate-neutral. We have also purchased and had energy-efficient heat pumps installed and fully equipped our building with LED lighting. And on our roof is a large number of solar panels. As an environmentally conscious company, we are very critical when it comes to our logistics movements. We drive more economically by adjusting our driving behavior and always making sure our tires are at the right pressure. By smart planning, we do not drive 2 times but only once to a location where several customers are located and require our help/support. Of course, we pay close attention to the materials we use, we also separate 99% of our waste stream and offer our customers cooling alternatives with natural refrigerants.

Targeted innovation

Perhaps it sounds a bit strange to say as a service company, "We'd rather not have appliances break down. The reason: every defective appliance is a potential burden on our environment. By offering only high-quality appliances with a long service life, we save the environment and maintain a lasting relationship with our customers. As a modern and progressive company, we constantly innovate and actively pursue further energy reduction, maximum operational efficiency and optimal digitalization and automation of our diverse business processes.