About Veenhuizen

Veenhuizen is a service specialist par excellence. Like no other we relieve entrepreneurs in the field of specialist heating and cooling technology. Especially entrepreneurs in the food industry choose us, mainly because of our extremely reliable equipment, our expertise in catering technology and to be assured of the best service 24/7.

Service as a basis

In 1984, the family business Veenhuizen Refrigeration was founded. With a small team, we helped local entrepreneurs with adequate solutions to cooling, freezing and heating problems. This customer- and service-oriented mentality and expertise also proved to be in the genes of Patrick Veenhuizen, who took over the company in 2008.

Since 2020, our company has been called Veenhuizen Group. As ever, our daily challenge is to support
food entrepreneurs in their daily work and help them become increasingly successful. Under the leadership of Patrick Veenhuizen, the family business has grown to a close-knit team of approximately 125 employees. We now have 6 divisions and operate throughout the Netherlands. Our mechanics maintain and repair no less than 80,000 different devices annually, combining customer satisfaction and efficiency in an optimal way.

Crystal clear mission

Veenhuizen's mission is crystal clear: to ensure guaranteed outdoor food safety for consumers and others, both in the Netherlands and in other European countries.

Partner Strategy

In particular, Veenhuizen takes care of food-related entrepreneurs in the field of heating and cooling technology. Our excellently trained, experienced and friendly technicians not only maintain and repair your equipment. They also timely inform you about the current (technical) status of your equipment and the latest techniques including the latest technology to reduce your operational costs. Naturally, they repair or replace only what is really necessary. With Veenhuizen, your equipment remains in top condition and you have a committed and experienced partner who is ready for you 24/7 to ensure continuity in your operational management.

Breakdown service

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