How Veenhuizen makes sustainability concrete

Making the world around us just a little bit better than the way it was given to us by previous generations: that is our motive is our motive for sustainable enterprise. At the Veenhuizen Group, we give concrete meaning to sustainability in three areas.


We strive to be a company with healthy and curious people who are constantly looking for what they don't know yet. We invest annually in the knowledge, skills, behaviour and job satisfaction of our people. And we also look outside the walls of our company. Our Iceman Foundation - with owner Patrick Veenhuizen as the driving force - aims to give seriously ill and disabled children an unforgettable day. And that works out exceptionally well. Take a look!


In 2021, our premises must be completely climate-neutral. To this end, energy-efficient heat pumps have been purchased, the building is fully equipped with LED lighting and our roof is covered with solar panels. We are also critical of our logistical movements. We drive more economically by adjusting our driving behaviour and keeping the tyre pressure in order. Through smart planning, we drive not twice, but once, to a location where multiple customers need us. Finally, we look at the materials we use, separate 99% of our waste and offer our customers cooling alternatives with natural refrigerants.

Meaningful innovation

It may be a strange thing to say as a service provider, but we prefer devices that don't break down quickly. Every broken appliance is a potential burden on the environment. We believe that by offering appliances that last, we not only save the environment, but also build a long and sustainable relationship with our customers. In addition, we are constantly innovating with an eye to energy (reduction), maximum operational efficiency and digitalisation and automation of our processes.

Our solar panels
supply the company with 
almost all energy!

generated electricity:

TotalCO2 Reduction137545Kg
Equal to trees6975trees
'Veenhuizen wants to make a maximum contribution to the development of its employees and to the creation of a circular economy.
In the sectors in which the company is active, technological developments and ongoing social and scientific discussions play a progressive role in a necessary continuous innovation cycle. After all, corporate social responsibility (CSR) as part of sustainability is in our genes, we are not only building for now but also for a more responsible future'.
Droes Prinsen, Foodpioneer and Co-Founder of La Place restaurants