In the Spotlight..... Service technician Veenhuizen Food Solutions Stef

May 2021

"I do the impossible immediately and miracles can take time!"

Stef, how nice that you are going to tell something about yourself this week! How long have you been working at Veenhuizen?
18 June 2018 I joined Veenhuizen after a tip-off from a friend saying that they were still looking for people.

What is your job at Veenhuizen?
My job is service engineer at Veenhuizen Food Solutions. This includes dishwashers, deep fryers, pancake carousels, hot plates, lamps and much more.  

What do you do in a day?
Fix failures at customers, so they can get back to their work.

What skills do you need for this?
Common sense, knowledge of electricity, water and gas. Not to mention the ability to deal with (sometimes) frustrated, angry or irritated customers, because their equipment doesn't work, so you're standing still....

What do you like most about your job?
No two days are the same. For example, one day you are working in Heerlen on a chip shop and the next day in Emmen on a professional dishwasher.

What is a challenge you have in your work?
Being able to solve annoying breakdowns, which makes me see the customer's smile again.

What project have you worked on that you are proud of?
There are really too many to mention. But I look back with great satisfaction on the new construction projects at La Place. 

How would you like to develop yourself further?
During the first lockdown, I took charge of building the pancake carousel. This so-called Multipan is the first product that we make entirely under our own management and customised for the customer. With this Multipan, you can easily make two hundred pancakes per hour. Because it is our own product, we can offer our customers optimal after-sales service and we always have spare parts in stock. I had not built this carousel before, but I managed it with the help of my colleagues, now I do it (almost) on my own. Building more equipment seems like a nice challenge to me.
Furthermore, I would like to be there for colleagues who have difficulty dealing with difficult situations at customers. I notice that, after 12 years of building kitchens and bathrooms, I have gained a certain experience that makes me know how to deal with such situations.
I have never had an ungrateful customer. I like to help my colleagues with this!

Veenhuizen is for me ..... My final destination. I hope until I am 67. I came from hell into a warm bath. I have had many employers, but I have never experienced anything like this ... and I mean that in a positive sense!

You can always wake me up for.... Writing and building a professional fireworks show or a filming holiday abroad to float over a coral reef in a beautiful spot equipped with 15 litres of air and a film camera....

In ten years time, Veenhuizen ...... Europe. Although, personally, I am no longer looking forward to spending time abroad. Exceptions excluded.

What I really like... The human and valuable colleagues I have around me.

My tip for hotel and catering entrepreneurs is: Choose Veenhuizen and you can usually continue baking, cooking, deep-frying and/or washing up quickly as far as my own specialism is concerned, the "warm side". But this also applies to refrigeration, because Veenhuizen is a service company that relieves entrepreneurs in the field of heating and refrigeration.