In the spotlight.... project leader Jasper

July 2021

"Give your customer just that little bit more than he expects from you, that's how you turn your customer into a real fan.... Who wouldn't want that...?"

How did you end up at Veenhuizen? I have been working at Veenhuizen for three and a half years now. At the time, I responded to a vacancy for calculator/work planner and was promoted internally to project manager. As project leader, I am mainly responsible for supervising new construction projects for refrigeration, freezing and climate control.

What do you do in a day? Haha, just a minute... I am responsible for a project from the offer phase up to and including delivery. The nice thing about this job is that it is a very versatile job, with more than one satisfied customer as the end result. That is what you do it for...!

What skills do you need for this? As a project manager, you need professional knowledge. In addition, it is useful to be self-reliant and proactive. It is therefore more than usual for mechanics to grow into a similar position. What they don't say is that management skills are not bad either.

What do you like most about your job? Good question, the best part is really that all the lines that you have thought up and set out at the start come together to form a project.

What project have you worked on that you are proud of? Van Delft Biscuits in Harderwijk, that was really a baptism of fire. We had the opportunity to create a 377 kW chilled water installation with rooftops for climate cooling. I supervised this project from sale to completion.

How would you like to develop yourself further? If you look at the changes in the field of refrigerants, you see more and more refrigeration systems with natural refrigerants. As a company, we still have some way to go in this regard. I would like to develop myself in this area, in the design of refrigeration systems with natural refrigerants.

For me, Veenhuizen is: a company with a lot of possibilities, with the aim of making the customer a fan!

You can always wake me up for ... A plate of pasta al pomodoro, like we eat it at home!

In ten years' time, Veenhuizen will be . .. I hope, the best company in the Netherlands; we are working hard on that together.

What I really like is . .. our own Veenhuizen Academy

My tip for entrepreneurs in the catering business is . .. The glass is half full, not half empty!