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Since 1964 the South German family business: Kälte-Rudi has been building innovative solutions for artisanal preparations in food. The main focus is on ice cream and dairy products. Today's Kälte-Rudi machines are used for a wider range of applications, such as patisserie and institutional kitchens. Together with Kälte-Rudi, Veenhuizen Ice Cream Solutions focuses on both traditional ice cream kitchens and ice cream parlours, but also increasingly on (pastry) bakeries and farms and their shops. Do you want to make a traditional product from the best raw materials, with the best recipe, in an efficient way? Then Kälte-Rudi is the best choice.

DIBASE touch pasteurisation boilers:

In 1964 this was the foundation of Kälte-Rudi. Not without reason, because the preparation of artisanal cream and milk ice cream starts with the pasteurisation of milk.

The DIBASE touch pasteurization vessels are legally approved (DIN11488) for the production of drinking milk and its derivatives (such as yoghurt) as well as for the preparation of ice cream mixes. With the touch panel, we can set almost any desired programme for you: temperatures, rotation speeds of agitator(s) and mixers, messages for adding raw materials, speed of the process, etc. We will gladly guide you to the right settings!

The DIBASE series has many variants: the width varies from 600 to 900 mm and the capacity from 45 to 600 litres and everything in between. Due to production on demand, the machines can be built according to individual technical specifications. What they all have in common: the machines are compact, made of robust stainless steel and are easy to clean and disinfect.

DICOM touch ice machines:

The world's only Diagonal Freezer® provides you with a firm yet airy ice cream that you can place directly into the ice cream display without the use of a shock freezer. Due to the inclined position of the bowl, the ice cream is actually kneaded during the freezing process. This ensures a stable distribution of air in the ice cream, which makes it less likely to melt. Furthermore, the ice can be 'unloaded' from the machine at a lower temperature, so that no crystals are formed in the ice afterwards. The result? A stable and tasty ice cream, for which less additives are needed to achieve and maintain a good structure.

With the touch panel we can set almost every desired programme for you. In theory, you can create your own programme for more than 80 types of ice cream, with your own end temperature (firmness), air infiltration, spout speed, additives, etc. We will gladly guide you to the right programming.

The DICOM touch series has a number of formats. The amount of mix that can be made into ice cream per charge varies from a minimum of 1 litre in the G4 to a maximum of 16 litres in the G16. Due to the high cooling capacity, the preparation time hardly differs between the minimum and maximum capacity of the machine and you can make 1.5 to 24 litres of quality ice cream every seven to eight minutes (depending on the model). The standard SRS function and kettle rinsing enable a quick and hygienic change of ice cream flavours during the production process. The machine door can remain closed at all times.

The DICOM touch is solid and reliable, as you would expect from a German product. With proper maintenance, this ice cream machine will guarantee the best ice cream for years to come.

NEXT DICOM ice machines:

In the course of 2022 a new generation of Kälte-Rudi ice cream machines will become available. With all the qualities of the DICOM touch series and a number of innovations:
  • A new touch display with even easier operation
  • Operation adaptable for left-handed ice cream makers
  • Rounded and smoother stainless steel surfaces for easy cleaning and a more attractive appearance
  • New design of the machine frame, allowing easy handling of additional equipment such as filling machines
  • An additional scraper on the machine door, so that even less ice remains in the machine
The most important development, however, is in the capacity: The NEXT DICOM series is also available with boiler sizes of 22 and 28 litres (in addition to the sizes of the DICOM touch series).

DITHERM cooking kettles:

The DITHERM cooking kettle is the replacement for a staff member in your company. This all-rounder helps you to prepare a wide range of labour-intensive products for ice cream parlours, confectioneries and institutional kitchens.

The fully controlled cook & chill process ensures fast re-cooling within legal requirements. Thus, in no time at all, you can prepare not only coulis, sauces, ice cream pastes and fillings for your ice cream (variegato), but also yellow cream, jams and desserts for your pastry shop or complete hot dishes such as risotto, stuffed soups and bolognese for your pasta.

The DITHERM cooking kettle comes with a number of preset programmes as standard. We can easily make changes or add your own programmes. Complete recipes and operating procedures for products can be set, including messages for adding (additional) raw materials or additives, for example.

As already mentioned, the DITHERM digester has many areas of application. Even the smallest 40-litre kettle will be a godsend for an ice-cream parlour, while the range extends to 500 litres for institutional kitchens. Individual technical solutions are always possible on request.

We would be happy to show you the unprecedented, labour-saving opportunities offered by DITHERM cooking kettles in a demonstration for your company!

Other equipment:

Veenhuizen Group B.V. Ice Cream Solutions is happy to help you with the complete set-up of your ice cream kitchen. Both with Kälte-Rudi and other suppliers we offer you the solutions when it comes to, for example, mixers, filling systems and vending machines. Of course, our other solutions are at your disposal when it comes to cold storage, air conditioning, ovens and other kitchen equipment. The contact point remains the same: feel free to contact us for an exploratory meeting!
Veenhuizen is for me the partner in ice cream. Quality in machines, but especially in the human contact and the guidance to a successful ice cream concept. You can be (H)honest if you stand behind your product. For me, Kalte-Rudi is the ice cream machine for top quality ice cream.
Mark Oonk, Bakery Oonk