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Finger-licking ice cream concepts

Veenhuizen Group B.V. has everything that traditional ice cream makers need; from preparation equipment to everything for an optimal presentation. We are sparring partner, advisor, concept developer, supplier and your partner in service and maintenance. We attach great value to long-term partnerships, with our suppliers and customers.


With Kälte-Rudi's ice cream machines, pasteurisers and boiling-refrigeration boilers, we deliver undisputed top quality to ice cream parlours, pastry shops, farm shops and patisseries. With Kälte-Rudi, Veenhuizen Group B.V. has an exclusive dealership for the Netherlands and Belgium.
DICOM ice machinesDIBASE pasteurisation boilerDITHERM digester


With the GeloLab, it is easier than ever to make the most delicious ice cream. In fact, anyone can make ice cream in front of the customer. With the GeloStandard, there is always an ice cream display to suit your needs. There are various models and sizes.

Complete ice cream concepts

But we do not only supply the best ice machines, you can also come to us
for refrigeration and freezer units and climate technology. We also train
you and/or your employees to be ice-cream makers. It is all part of our service
. Of course, we also provide periodic
maintenance, in the winter months, and we are at your service 24/7 in case of deposits

Did you know...

  • You can always try out the equipment first at our premises in Voorthuizen
  • In the Netherlands ... ice cream parlours work with the equipment of Veenhuizen
  • 10 of the 20 master ice cream makers in the Netherlands work with Kälte-Rudi
  • You can make a litre of ice cream in 30-60 seconds with a Kälte-Rudi
  • Air is one of the most important ingredients of ice cream
  • Veenhuizen can provide 24/7 service
Veenhuizen is for me the partner in ice cream. Quality in machines, but especially in the human contact and the guidance to a successful ice cream concept. (H)Honesty is something you can give when you stand behind your product. For me, Kälte-Rudi is the ice cream machine for top quality ice cream.
Mark Oonk, Bakery Oonk