• Geolab Standard Ice Cream Cabinets


The ice cream display case determines the look of your ice cream parlour! The right display case in the right place is your company's business card and a guarantee of success.

Veenhuizen Ice Cream Solutions has an exclusive partnership with GeloStandard and supplies various models and sizes of ice cream showcases. The differences in appearance and design offer a solution for everyone's wishes; each display case is built individually and can be adapted to specific wishes and/or situations.

There are also many refrigeration options that we will be happy to discuss with you, such as: air-cooled, water-cooled or a combination. But also built-in compressors or external technology that can even consist of one central space-saving system for multiple units. As an option, almost all models are available with a positive and negative temperature range, so that they can be used variably, for example for the presentation of chocolate and cakes.
Some models of GeloStandard are:


The sleek design of the Gilda ice cream display fits right in with the modern ice cream parlour. From a technical point of view, it is a perfect display case with a double air flow, so that the ice cream can be scooped in the right quality, even in high tubs. There are many variants in terms of appearance. Your wishes and the situation determine what the display case will ultimately look like.


The Spring series is a classic display case from GeloStandard. The large curved window provides an optimal view of all the ice trays in the cabinet and guarantees a luxurious appearance. The display case itself is also available in a curved version for corner installation, for example. This display case also has the double air flow for optimum ice cream quality and is available in (almost) any desired finish.


If you appreciate optimal contact with your guests and a special presentation of your ice cream, the Linda is the right choice. A rounding in the window provides an optimal view of the ice cream, which can also be presented high up in the ice cream trays by means of a double air flow. The fact that the display case as a whole is somewhat lower means that the distance to the guest is shorter than with traditional models. A special option is the special console undercarriage, which, in the right arrangement and in combination with the right floor, makes the display case optically 'floating'.


The Masterking showcase is what they call in Italy a vertical display case
. The austere design, in combination with the LED lighting
, ensures an optimum presentation of ice cream cakes, pastries,
macarons or pre-filled ice cream cups. Placing a showcase
in your shop will generate extra turnover. In addition to the cone that
brought in, the guest will also take home an ice cream cake or cup of ice cream

We would like to help you find the right and most beautiful solution in your company. Together with GeloStandard's design department, we can provide the complete buffet including matching furniture, undercuts, etc. if required.

Are you ready for a new ice cream display case, an entirely new interior, or do you see the advantages of a showcase? Contact us for the right solution.
Would you like to start selling fresh ice cream in your company and do you have less space and/or time available? Then contact us and we will be happy to see if Gelolab is the right solution.
Veenhuizen is for me the partner in ice cream. Quality in machines, but especially in the human contact and the guidance to a successful ice cream concept. You can be (H)honest if you stand behind your product. For me, Kalte-Rudi is the ice cream machine for top quality ice cream.
Mark Oonk, Bakery Oonk