• Ice cream concepts

    Ice cream concepts, ice cream machines and
    equipment of all kinds and

    Cooling and freezing are in our genes. This is only natural, as
    refrigeration technology is the origin of our company. From complete ice cream parlours
    to ice cream machines and refrigeration and freezer units in all shapes and sizes; at
    it can't get crazy enough!

    Always special with GeloLab
    and Kälte-Rudi

    With the GeloLab from GeloStandard it is easier than ever to make
    the most delicious ice cream. In fact, anyone can make ice cream
    with GeloLab from GeloStandard! With Kälte-Rudi's equipment and
    ice-cream machines we can supply undisputed top quality
    to numerous confectioneries and patisseries.
    'Veenhuizen is a partner who, from day one, embraced the new direction taken by IJs Centrum'
    Hidde de Brabander, manager IJs Centrum, master pastry chef
    24 Kitchen and RTL4
    Our complete ice cream concept ensures that the customer is completely relieved and, of course, helped to make the right choice, from purchasing to creating a delicious ice cream for the customer'.
    Menno Neutel, sales cool solutions