"As long as you enjoy your work and have an interest in people and cultures, you will still learn every day".

October 2021

Since when have you been employed at Veenhuizen Peter? On 1 May 2020, Veenhuizen took over the Cold Drink Operations Field Service department of Coca-Cola European Partners Nederland BV. As of this date, I have been working at Veenhuizen.

What is your position within Veenhuizen? I am service manager (beverage) for the two northern teams, my colleague Angela manages the two southern teams (https://veenhuizen.nl/in-de-schijnwerper-servicemanager-angela/).

What does an average day look like for you? Very variable, but every day I make sure that my team can do its work well and that all processes, both internal and external, run smoothly.

What is a must in this role? You must be able to switch quickly, analyse well and be stress resistant.

What appeals most to you in this job? The contact with my colleagues, client (CCEP) and our customers.

What is a challenge you have in your work? Achieving the targets set by our client (CCEP) is a (fun) challenge!

What project have you worked on that you are proud of? More than a month before the transition from CCEP to Veenhuizen, I was able to train all beverage colleagues in the use of RSM and the associated processes, together with fellow service manager Rob. RSM covers our service process, so that we will never again have illegible work orders, inefficient planning or mechanics who have to visit more than once. The software makes it easier and clearer for service managers, planners and field service engineers, thus increasing productivity.

How would you like to develop yourself further? As long as you enjoy your work and are interested in people and cultures, you learn every day.   

Finally, please complete:

Veenhuizen is for me ..... a fine and pleasant employer!

You can always wake me up for.... vanilla custard with melon and whipped cream.

In ten years time, Veenhuizen.... hopefully still a healthy and pleasant company!

My hobby is cycling (both on the road and on the MTB). I like to do this and do it a lot, so here is a great opportunity for Veenhuizen to advertise in the Netherlands....