• Multipan - for pancake rush hour

Multipan 2.0 IR

Pancake carousel with high productivity

Every restaurant has to deal with off-peak and peak hours. Working with equipment that is adjusted to this is a must. Equipment that is flexible in accordance with the required productivity per hour. The MultiPan 2.0 IR is easy to operate and delivers a perfect baking result of continuous high quality. The MultiPan bakes, depending on the griddle ( 6, 8 or 10 places) from 140 double-sided pancakes per hour. You serve delicious pancakes in no time.

Pancakes your guests will love

The MultiPan 2.0 IR is installed by Veenhuizen and is very easy to operate. The temperature can be easily regulated per baking tray. This means that you only heat what you use. This saves on energy costs. The diameter of the pan is 30 cm. Infrared top heat ensures that the food cooks even faster. Thanks to both top and bottom heating, the baking time is shorter than in a conventional pan. An easily adjustable temperature and rotation speed ensure that the machine can be set to the desired speed. In addition, the direction of rotation is adjustable. You can easily adapt it to the kitchen routing.

Clean again according to all rules

The MultiPan is constructed in accordance with all laws and regulations and more than complies with them. This also applies to the HACCP rules for hygiene. All parts that may come into contact with foodstuffs are made of stainless steel and provided with a special finish that makes cleaning effortless.

MultiPan and EIA

Is your company investing in energy-saving techniques and are you considering the purchase of a Multipan? Then it may be possible to qualify for the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) scheme. Ask about it when we advise you personally!
Worldly pancakes are baked quickly on the Multipan pancake carousel in Veenhuizen'.
Owners Max Verkleij and Jos van Essen, Bloem Ede