Fully equipped professional kitchens

Industrial kitchen technology for professional kitchens

Whether you are looking for large-scale kitchen technology, such as high-quality refrigeration equipment or the layout of a complete professional kitchen, you have come to the right place at Veenhuizen.

Multipan - for pancake rush hour

And have you heard of our Multipan? This innovative pan bakes no less than 225 pancakes per hour. This is just one example of how unique Veenhuizen is, thinks and works. Together with our partners, we take care of everything, from idea to design and realisation. Hot, cool or ice-cold, it makes no difference to us. As long as it has to do with optimal kitchen technology and contributes to your professional kitchen.
'A good dose of empathy goes a long way'
Rob Uitenhoven (Service Manager)
'I help entrepreneurs to make long-term decisions. Giving honest advice is what binds a customer to our company.'
Erik Posma, Account Manager Foodservice Solutions