Europa Ice & Perfect Ice Solutions part of Veenhuizen Group

April 2023

Veenhuizen Group and Europa Ice / Perfect Ice Solutions join forces!

It was announced today that Veenhuizen Group has acquired the companies Europa Ice and Perfect Ice Solutions. Veenhuizen Group will contribute its current activities that it has already built up in the artisanal ice segment following the acquisition of Slob Koudetechniek to the newly formed company.

The activities of Perfect Ice Solutions and Europa Ice will be continued 100%. The merger will create a stronger company that can focus much more and better on service activities and sales of (soft) ice equipment. Veenhuizen Group will provide shared services such as IT, HR, finance, management and project management.

Patrick Veenhuizen: "I am very happy with the acquisition although we see it more as a collaboration. Together we can achieve more for our customers. Bart and Mieke have built a fantastic company with great people and we want to keep it that way. Together we can achieve more at the front in service and sales to get the flywheel turning. And of course the synergy at the back end in our shared services. For the customers of Europa Ice and Perfect Ice Solutions nothing will change for the time being. We will first take a quiet look at what we are doing right because we would like to grow and we can only do that by serving our customers even better!"

Bart & Mieke Schipperen: "Sometimes you are faced with a difficult choice. What are you going to do? Work even harder or focus on what you are good at? For Bart that's technology, for Mieke it's planning and taking care of the mechanics. We noticed that so many other things had to be done. Especially things that didn't really give us any energy at all. We think the same way as Patrick: we can achieve more together than alone. We will remain associated with the company for the next few years. That was our wish but certainly also that of Veenhuizen. We find it exciting but we have every confidence in it!"