Demo day GeloLab and IJsnerds

April 2023

Do you want to know all about making artisanal ice cream quickly and easily? Then come to Veenhuizen in Voorthuizen on Tuesday, May 9, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.! And experience how the GeloLab of Veenhuizen can be perfectly combined with the ice cream mixes of IJsnerds.

The GeloLab concept works with traditional round Italian ice cream trays. In these round ice cream trays the scoop ice cream is made in 1 to 6 to 6 small ice cream machines, after which the ice cream trays are transferred to the matching display case and the next ice cream flavor can already be made.

With the GeloLab concept, the traditional scoop ice cream is made in no time at all. There is no need to add anything to make a delicious ice cream. The ice cream mix from IJsnerds is available in 21 different flavors with which you can make more than 30 different kinds of scoop ice cream. It is just a matter of; pouring into the machine, turning and decorating. So anyone can become an ice cream maker!

What makes GeloLab and IJsnerds so unique together?

1. Continuous and convenient production of fresh artisanal scoop ice cream.
2. Unique fresh experience, turning ice cream in sight of customers.
3. Own variations possible with sauces, garnishes and filling.
4. Easy to clean, use of fillings possible.

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Hope to see you Tuesday, May 9 in Voorthuizen!
Team Veenhuizen & IJsnerds