• Refrigeration and freezing technology

Refrigeration and freezing technology

Cold, colder, coldest

Keeping ingredients fresh and storing semi-finished products requires the right temperature.
Veenhuizen provides exactly the right solution for this:
  • Cold stores
  • Freezer cells
  • Shutters cells
  • Central cooling installations
  • Room cooling
  • Refrigerating and freezing furniture
  • Air conditioning

Small and large format

Small, large, bigger, biggest, from a plug-in refrigerator to a mega freezer. At Veenhuizen, it is all possible. Our refrigeration and freezer technology knows no limits. Projects from small to large are carried out under our own management. A team of refrigeration specialists is ready to advise you.

From advice to installation

No matter how large the desired cooling space is, it always remains a matter of millimetres. Installing cells is precision work that must be done accurately. The Veenhuizen technicians ensure that everything fits and is placed perfectly. In addition, we are a party with an eye for content. The right cooling technique, suitable for the purpose and the products: this is how customisation really becomes customisation.

From synthetic to natural

As a family business, we think about the long term and that means the transition from natural refrigerants. Veenhuizen contributes natural alternatives. This fits seamlessly into the sustainability vision of our group.
GeloLab and Kälte-Rudi equipment and ice machines at Veenhuizen
Veenhuizen is a reliable partner with unparalleled service!
Always there for us. Top company.
Robbert de Veen, The Daltons Voorthuizen