• Air conditioning

Air conditioning and climate technology

The temperature can rise significantly. Human productivity, but also electronic equipment often suffers from rising temperatures. Climate control is then a pleasant solution. Are you afraid of an increased energy bill or annoying noise? Modern air-conditioning is energy-efficient and quiet. These models also ensure that the air is purified. This ensures an extra pleasant climate.

LG and Daikin climate control

The climate technology of LG, can meet the highest requirements in the field of climate control. Veenhuizen is preferred dealer of LG. We are there for tailored advice, installation, maintenance and repair.
Did you know:
  • LG uses Active energy Control technology, which gives it the A+++ label
  • LG and Daikin work with natural refrigerants
  • Veenhuizen exclusively chooses equipment that is sustainable?
  • Effective air filters protect against airborne viruses and allergens

Veenhuizen for a workable climate

It is all about delivering quality that goes beyond choosing A-brands. Every project we take care of is a custom project. The same applies if you are looking for a partner in the field of climate control and air conditioning. Full service and no nonsense, Veenhuizen advises and relieves entrepreneurs.
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