• Driving and cooling technology

Driving, braking and cooling technology for professionals

The best result can only be achieved with the right preparation. Whether you are looking for refrigeration or heating technology for your bakery, Veenhuizen is your experienced and service-oriented partner.

(Braking) driving technology that can meet high expectations

Bakers know that temperature control and the right humidity are key elements for good baking results. Prolonged proofing at low temperatures improves the structure of the dough and increases its freshness. MIWE proofing cabinets can be flexibly adjusted to ensure exactly the right climate.

Bakery refrigeration technology

Refrigeration makes working ahead, storing and flexible possible. It starts with genuine interest in the baker's field of expertise. By listening carefully and asking questions, we are constantly being introduced to the wonderful world of bakery technology. "What does our customer make? What does it need? What do customers come up against?" These are just some of the questions that are very important in order to arrive at a well-conditioned concept. Maintaining quality and (food) safety are, after all, paramount. Efficiency and sustainability follow closely behind.
The German 'gründlichkeit' and the fact that the Veenhuizen Group would be our partner were the deciding factors for me.
Jaap van der Veer, Real Baker Van der Veer