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Being proud of what you make; that is what makes the baking profession great. Tasteful baking in traditional bakeries nowadays cannot be done without professional ovens. Veenhuizen offers smart solutions for bakeries. Take oven technology, for example. No matter how traditional baking is, bakeries nowadays have different requirements for their ovens and baking equipment. As a proud partner of MIWE, Veenhuizen supplies bakery ovens with state-of-the-art technology which will take you into the future with confidence.
A selection from the oven range:
MIWE Econo:
Bake-off oven for piecework, rotary proofing, crust work, etc.
MIWE Condo:
Electric deck oven with adjustable top and bottom heat, ideal for floor products (e.g. sourdough) but also for cakes, puffs and other products that require a gentle baking atmosphere.
MIWE BackCombi:
The solution for those who don't have room for both ovens side-by-side. With the MIWE BackCombi, you can place two baking chambers one above the other in one oven space. You will have a convection and deck oven on 1m2.
If instead of water injection, full steam is required, MIWE also has the top model MIWE Aero. This all-rounder offers all the possibilities that a convection oven can. This oven is particularly suitable for baking dough pieces.

Good to know!

The ovens from MIWE steam in millilitres and not in seconds like many other brands do. You know exactly how much steam you are adding to the baking process. And that means: more control over the process. Of course, all MIWE ovens can be equipped with a proofing cabinet under the oven.

Warming up to the most efficient oven technology

We are passionate about the best ovens. As a Benelux dealer of MIWE, we are happy to talk to you.
Our brick oven is a customer magnet'.
Master Boulanger Pieter Bienefelt of De Bakkerswinkel