From bakery technology to proofing cabinets

Our heart is in the baking profession. And bakery technology and bakery ovens make that heart beat faster. Thanks to our wide-ranging package, we can provide the best overall solution for every bakery. From bakery ovens to proofing cabinets.

MIWE is exclusive partner

We have a special partnership with MIWE. Our MIWE trained service experts offer bakers a lifetime of trouble-free operation with reliable bakery ovens and optimal bakery technology.
MIWE has a top quality ratio. Excellent service. The ovens are easy to programme and bake very consistently. In short, I am very satisfied and would definitely buy them again.
Kees van der Woerd, Baker
Quality and safety are the core values of our company and our partner MIWE. The originally German bakery ovens offer that.
Petra Smit, Bakery Solutions