"I immediately enjoyed being part of this warm, friendly and professional company with great colleagues."

September 2021

Nice that you want to tell something about yourself this time Agnes, go ahead.... I am Agnes van Uffelen, born 54 years ago in Nijmegen and now living for a long time in the Veluwe, within cycling distance of Veenhuizen. I am married to Evert and together we have two children: Kevin (23 years old) and Charlotte (19 years old). In my spare time I like to be active and preferably outside in nature. I try to run three times a week. I also like to walk and cycle.

What is your job title? I am an administrative assistant with the company.

What did you want to be as a child? I wanted to join the army, but my dad didn't quite agree. He had a lot of experience and didn't think it would be for his daughter.... I think he was right in the end 😊. I also wanted to become a pharmacy assistant. How different things can be.

When did you start working at Veenhuizen? I joined the company in June 2017. Through a tip from a friend, I applied to the vacancy that was on Facebook and since then I have been a member of the Veenhuizen team.

What was your first impression of the company or maybe you already knew it as a resident of Voorthuizen? Because I live in Voorthuizen, I already knew the company and some of the employees. I immediately liked the fact that I could become part of this warm, friendly and professional company with great colleagues.

What do you like most about your work? The challenge of completing my work as a part-timer every week.

Can you tell us what you do on a working day? Definitely! I have a very versatile job. Among other things, I take care of the invoicing, do the bank entries and debtor management. I also answer the incoming phone calls and welcome guests at the reception desk (only when our receptionist is not around).

Why do you think Veenhuizen is more than a service company? Well... a 24/7 company with knowledge in multiple areas; Food, Bakery, Cool, Climate and Service. How beautiful is that!?

Any other interesting facts about your job? Certainly, I was recently asked, together with my colleague Arjen, to fulfil the function of confidential advisor within the company. I felt kind of honoured. I followed the course and accepted the position.

Finally, just curious... What do you tell about your job to friends and acquaintances? Well... To be honest... like everywhere else, we have our problems too, but I would love to work for this beautiful company until I retire, so that says it all, doesn't it? Because above all, it is a nice, somewhat overgrown, family business where you can work with a lot of pleasure.