"It makes me feel good to help, both privately and professionally"...

October 2021

Hi Ahmet, how nice of you to answer some questions. Tell me something about yourself... I am happily married to Ozgul and father of 4 beautiful children. Ecrin (16), Ravza (15), Orhan (10) and Salih (7). In my spare time I like to do sports. We have a small group that we regularly play football with.

Changing the world starts with yourself! I like to help people who are less fortunate. I don't like to share this, but I want to give an insight. Last year, we focused on helping children who have a very serious skin disorder (lupus). These children need medication and we are contributing to that. It gives me a good feeling to help. We will continue to help and share again this year. The more awareness, the better the world. Every little bit helps, right? I invite everyone, look around you! You will probably also be able to contribute to a better world....

How beautiful that you are so committed to your fellow man Ahmet and thank you for this insight into your private life.

Back to work, what exactly do you do within Veenhuizen? I work as a1st mechanic within Veenhuizen. Every day, I help clients who are having problems with their installations. One of my tasks is to provide technical support to my colleagues, so that they can get on with solving faults. I communicate with the office staff, so that customers are helped quickly and efficiently. It gives me a good feeling to help and support. Together, we are strong!

Have you been working as a mechanic for long? I have been working as a mechanic for 22 years, 14 of which have been with Veenhuizen. Before that, I worked for 7 years for a company that mainly carried out refrigeration work for supermarkets.

Do you have a specialism? Analysing and solving malfunctions.

How would you describe the atmosphere in your team? I started working for a family business in 2007. When I joined, our team consisted of 15 colleagues. Despite the fact that we have grown considerably (>100 colleagues), I have always been able to maintain this feeling and I also sense it within the team. We work together towards 1 goal: customer-oriented work! I work together with pleasant colleagues in a pleasant working environment. Every new colleague is therefore very welcome in our large "Veenhuizen family".

What activities give you energy? Solving breakdowns (especially the most complex ones). My aim is always to solve them in one go. Customers appreciate this enormously!

What part of your work do you like most and what do you dislike less? Every day is different, that's what I like about my job. For each (work) assignment I come to a different customer and to a different failure. It is always a challenge to deliver my work just as I had planned it.

What I don't like so much is that I sometimes come to locations where it is not clean and tidy, which is not my preference.

You have daily contact with different customers, what do you find important in this contact? The most important thing about customer contact is connecting. Customers trust me, so I find solutions with all my energy and creativity.

Where can we find you outside of work? In other words, what makes you happy? At home! On the right side of the sofa, to be precise. I love being at home with my family.

Finally... Describe yourself in three words. Creative, analytical and solution-oriented.